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Willisbrook Farm

Celebrating 128 years and 5 Generations of family farming in Chester County, PA

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American Saddebred Horses

We breed American Saddlebred horses for show and sport. Known as 'The Horse America Made,' the Saddlebred is friendly, intelligent, and versatile. They excel in many disciplines from breed shows to combined driving, endurance, and eventing - everyone who gets to know a Saddlebred is sure to fall in love.


Cheviot Sheep

Originating as early as 1372, Cheviots are a very old variety of sheep from the Cheviot Hills bordering England and Scotland. They are a hardy and adaptable dual purpose breed producing both wool and meat.

Cayuga Ducks

This breed of ducks originated in New York and is named for Lake Cayuga. They are hardy and resilient, happily gobbling up all manner of pests in the garden and pastures. They produce large, delicious eggs that range in color to black to grey to white!


Dominque Chickens

Dominique chickens are closely woven into the story of America. Their ancestors first arrived with the Pilgrims and they moved west with the Pioneers centuries later. Healthy, active, friendly, and always foraging for goodies in our vegetable garden, these chickens provide very healthy and tasty eggs.

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Please note that Willisbrook Farm is our family home and is not open to the public. If you would like to get in touch, please fill out the form. Thank you!

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